Students attending the HWH Adventure Summer Camp


   Many children, who are deaf, stay at home during school breaks and have very little communication with anyone and may feel isolated and alone. The goal of the camps is to provide experiential learning, education, and empowerment activities with different ‘themes’ for each camp during their breaks. Camps also include activities that involve family members on the opening night of each camp. 

Camp ‘themes’ include: Literacy, Self-Advocacy, Leadership, Adventure, Experiential Learning, and Career Camps


Students working at the Hands with Heart fundraiser


‘Youth Leadership Team’ is a group of middle school students who meet monthly to discuss and plan upcoming events and create ideas for fundraisers for the program. The students are responsible for creating the different activities behind the camps and family events. The goal is to empower the students through leadership and decision-making and create a sense of ownership with the different events and camps. 




High school students have eight community outings during the school year. Students visit deaf adults who are working in the community, visit local colleges and learning centers, learn how to use public transportation, etc. The goal is to empower the students to feel comfortable and confident being a part of their community.



Students, who are deaf or hard of hearing, learn visually and conceptually and need specific materials to support their learning, which is often not provided by many schools. Hands with Heart provide classrooms with necessary materials that meet the special needs of the students (books, videos, special ASL literacy materials, etc). The goal is to empower the students through literacy and learning. Learning is power!